Your browser does not support JavaScript, You should enable JavaScript to use this website. gift card comes in a Gift Box is the design selected by the buyer. The gift card balance can be redeemed in the Amazon account to use while shopping on Amazon. Amazon allows its users to send e-cards as well instead of a physical card. You can select the type of card on the checkout screen. The buyer can send a gift card ranging from $5 to $5000. Also, they can choose the design of the card from the collection of Gift card designs. If you are a receiver of the card then you must know how to redeem the gift card value to use it.

Steps to redeem Amazon gift card at

The users can redeem the gift card with the help of two methods. One is t add the gift card value in the Amazon account and the second is to redeem the card value directly at the checkout process. You can choose any of the methods as per your choice. Let's check out both the methods in detail:

Method 1: Redeem gift card value directly at the checkout page Follow these steps if you want to redeem your gift card value on the checkout page of Amazon:

• Grab the card and scratch off on the black stripe at the back of the gift card. • If you have an e-card then check the email where you have received the card details. • After that, you will see a “Claim Code” on the card.

• Now heads up to the checkout page of Amazon after selecting the items you want to buy. • There you will find the “Redeem an Amazon Gift card” option.

• Enter the Gift card claim code there and click on the “Claim My Code” button.

• You can now pay your bills by using the gift card value.

Method 2: Redeem Gift card using Proceed with these steps to redeem gift card value in gift card balance:

• Scratch off the stripe available on the backside of the card to get the “Claim Code”.

• Now enter URL in the web browser of your mobile or computer.

• Now log in with your Amazon account username and password.

• Enter the “Claim Code” of your gift card in the blank space available on the screen.

• Now, click on the “Claim Code” option available adjacent to the box. In a conclusion, the gift card value will be added to your Gift card balance and you can use it anytime before the expiry.